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Server Rules

These are the rules for the BF3-Servers "[TFPS] | Mixed Maps Conquest |" and "[TFPS] | Metro only |".

[1] Insulting, discrimination, racism and other offensive expressions/symbols are forbidden!
[2] Do not shoot into or out of the redzone. Don't rape the enemy Base!
[3] Cheating, glitching and using exploits ist forbidden!
[4] Don't kill, block or sabotage your teammates!
[5] Play fair, be nice and have fun!
[6] Driver/Pilot chooses the gunner!
[7] Give a chance to new players!
1 Benutzer gefällt der Beitrag von [TFPS] Smoker:
  • [TFPS] finshiny (10.01.2021)

Added rule nr. 7 as we are trying to provide a platform for new players.

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